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Across the Ocean

2. Even the Young


When Larry woke up the next morning, he realized that he had been dreaming. It’s not like remembering his dreams was so unusual. He remembered a dream from time to time, but this one was really exciting.


Larry had remembered that someone told him - he thinks it was Grandpa - to write down a dream when you wake up. It’s not like you had to write the whole dream down, just enough to help bring that dream back to your conscious mind. That’s what Larry remembered. Was it going to help? He was not sure, but he decided to do it anyway. Larry wrote down a few phrases.


Larry went into the kitchen to have his breakfast. Lisa and his mom were already there.


Lisa was eating her dry cereal. When she heard Larry walk in, she said, “Hi, Larry. Did you sleep well?”


Larry responded, “I feel like I did. Also, I had a very interesting dream last night. Do you wanna hear about it?”


Lisa said, “Sure!”


Mrs. Lewis said, “That’s fantastic, Larry! What was this dream about? It must’ve been really interesting if you want to tell us.”


Larry answered, “I dreamed that our whole family went with Grandpa to see a castle.”


Lisa said, “Ahh. Larry, do you remember that we went over to Grandpa’s house last night?”


Larry said, “Of course, I do! Grandpa told us that we were going to go with him to see a castle, across the ocean. In my dream we actually did that.”


Lisa said, “So, Larry, I guess you can just call up Grandpa and tell him he doesn’t need to do any planning. You already got it all figured out in your dream. Just tell him what the dream was.“


Mrs. Lewis said, “Well. I still think it’s a good idea for Grandpa to do some planning.”


Larry said, “I think this dream is important.”


Mrs. Lewis responded, “You are probably right. Did you write down your dream?”


Larry said, “I wrote down as much as I could remember. I guess that’s enough.”


Lisa started to sound like she was getting either a little bit irritated or jealous of Larry’s dream.


Lisa said sarcastically, “If you really want your dreams to be helpful, you’re gonna have to make sure that you got enough details. Don’t you think?”


Mrs. Lewis said, “OK, Lisa. It is not like we really understand dreams that much, but we do know that there is some purpose for God giving them to us. Even if to just give us some kind of a confirmation.“


Larry started eating his cereal without milk, as he usually did. As he was crunching his cereal, he decided to get up and go get his notes from his dream.


Larry said, “I’ll get my notes, and be right back.“


While Larry was gone, Lisa decided to make a comment that Larry probably wouldn’t like.


Lisa said to her mom, “Don’t tell this to Larry, but if God really is giving Larry these dreams, it might be a good idea for Larry to understand dreams a lot better than he does now. Otherwise, he might get into some trouble like Joseph did in the Bible.“


Mrs. Lewis said, “You’re right, Lisa. You definitely don’t want to say that to Larry. Larry has been thinking that he was getting into similar situations of some of the Bible characters that you have been talking about in your children’s ministry class. He really likes the story about Daniel in the lions den. I’m not quite sure what he thinks about Joseph and his dreams.“


Mrs. Lewis stopped the discussion when Larry walked back into the room.


Larry said, “I read these few sentences again, and asked God to help me fill in the blanks. I feel like I’m being directed to write down my dream for some purpose. I’m not quite sure what it could be. But if God is talking to me, I want to listen, and I want to learn how to obey Him.”


Mrs. Lewis responded, “That’s fantastic, Larry! I have been praying, and your dad, too, that your heart will be ready for what God wants you to be doing for Him. We know you are only seven years old, almost. But we can’t decide when God wants to start using us in his kingdom.“


Larry said, “Thanks, Mom. I’m glad at least one person doesn’t think I’m going crazy.“


Lisa responded, “I am sorry, Larry. God has been whispering little things into my mind as well. I guess I was just a little bit jealous when I found out that God was giving you dreams. If He wants to use us both for His kingdom when we are still children, I don’t wanna be the one that goes around saying that He doesn’t.“


Mrs. Lewis said, “I am so happy for the both of you. Your dad and I have been praying for you since you were born. We felt like God had told us that He had something special for the two of you. We’re not sure if that means He wants you to be doing something together, or that He is going to be using you in different ways.”


Lisa said, “I was starting to … well … I guess I don’t really know what I want to say. Maybe I shouldn’t say anything else until I find out more about what God wants us to be doing for Him, that is, me and Larry, and our whole family.”


Mrs. Lewis said, “That’s OK, Lisa. You don’t always have to know what to say. The Bible says that when our hearts are in the right place, when it’s the right time, we will open our mouth, and God will give us the words to say.“


Larry said, “I was wondering why you and Dad wanted to get our passports for us last summer. We weren’t planning to go out of the country, but you and Dad said we might need them sometime soon. I think that was God leading the two of you, also.”


Mrs. Lewis responded, “Yes, Larry. Your dad and I were thinking that as well.”


Then, Mrs. Lewis added, “Based on what Grandpa told us last night, we need to start thinking about what we’re going to be taking with us when we go on our trip in a few weeks. When your dad gets home tonight, we can talk about it.“

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