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A New Life

4. Who am I?


Even during the summer, Lisa almost always woke up before the rest of her family. She wasn’t quite sure why, but it wasn’t because she couldn’t sleep. And she always felt very refreshed when she got up.


Lisa did something that she doesn’t normally do when she gets up. She went over to her jewelry box and took out the locket that she received on the family trip the previous summer.


Lisa remembered how this locket caused her a huge amount of excitement, and also grief, when she got it. She put the locket around her neck and went into the bathroom. She wasn’t afraid that she was going to lose it, she just felt like she needed to put it on.


Lisa looked at herself in the mirror.


She said, “Well, am I really a princess? How would I know if I am? Does anybody care? Am I any more a princess now than I was before I went on the trip to Scotland? I feel like I am. Is that pride speaking to me?”


Lisa really didn’t expect anybody to answer her. This was just her way of trying to work through some of the thoughts that were in her mind.


Lisa thought to herself, “Was riding on that white horse really something special, or just a fun thing to do?”


Since Lisa was in the bathroom, she decided she would comb her hair. Then, she went back to her bedroom.




When it was time for breakfast, Lisa went out into the kitchen. Her mom was there as usual. She didn’t see Larry, which was no surprise.


Mrs. Lewis said, “Lisa, would you like to have some dry cereal for breakfast? Or are you still not over the trip to Scotland? I can make some oatmeal, or maybe some eggs and sausage.”


Lisa responded, “Thanks, Mom. I think I’ll just go back to the dry cereal for a while.“


As Mrs. Lewis was preparing the cereal for her daughter, she picked up on a little bit of sadness in Lisa’s face. She said, “Are you OK, dear?“


Lisa was even slower in responding. She said, “Mom, do you think I am a princess?”


Mrs. Lewis was very surprised by the question. She wasn’t sure how she should respond.


Mrs. Lewis said, “Are you remembering what the kids said to you last year when you entered first grade? Is it coming back to bother you again? You don’t have to let it.”


Lisa said, “Mom, I really do love you. I love Dad. I love Larry. I think I even love Grandpa. But …”


Mrs. Lewis saw a few tears in Lisa’s eyes. She said, “But what, dear?“


Lisa was trying to figure out how she wanted to ask the question, but it just wasn’t coming to her.


Lisa started to cry. She wasn’t even trying to hold it back.


Mrs. Lewis reached over and gave her daughter a hug.


Mrs. Lewis said, “It’s OK. If you’re not ready to talk about how you’re feeling, we can wait. I want to make sure you know that I’m always available to talk, but I’m not going to try to force you to talk until you’re ready.“


Lisa started eating her cereal.


After a few minutes, Lisa seemed like she was ready to talk, but she still had a few tears coming out of her eyes.


Lisa said, “I remember something in the Bible that says when we become part of Jesus‘s family, something exciting happens. It’s like we are royalty. But not the kind of royalty that we saw in Scotland. No one wants to put a crown on me, and bow down to me, and call me ‘My Lady’, or anything like that. But I do think there is something different about me now. I want to know who I am.”


Mrs. Lewis said, “Lisa, you are correct. The Bible says that when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, He adopts us into his family. In second Corinthians, chapter 6, it says that our Father in Heaven has adopted us into his family and calls us sons and daughters.


Since God, the Father calls you a daughter, it is like you are a princess. But God‘s family is not like the royal families on the Earth. It is not just the first son that gets special privileges. It’s all of God‘s children.


Since Jesus‘s spirit is within you, you will feel different. It is not like you are perfect, but the desire in your heart is to be like Jesus. This is probably why you are feeling so different.”


Lisa responded, “Thanks, Mom. This really helps me a lot, but I’m still trying to figure something out. I know Larry is my brother, and I really do love him a lot, and I know he loves me, too. I told him I was sorry for being mean to him recently. That’s not so different, but when Larry grabbed a hold of me and pulled me back, when I almost fell down the hill into the river, something happened that I can’t understand. It’s like God was trying to tell me something. Something that maybe a little girl can’t understand. But He still wanted to tell me.“


Mrs. Lewis could tell that this was extremely difficult for Lisa to talk about. It seemed like Lisa was about to cry again, and her voice was very weak.


Mrs. Lewis said, “I can try to help you understand, but it’s really going to be God’s Spirit that lives within you. I will look for a few verses in the Bible for you to read and think about. God gave us the Bible, so that we could understand Him better. But it is the Holy Spirit, who’s called the Comforter, that leads us into a better understanding of why God wants us to be in his family.“




Mrs. Lewis helped Lisa read the verses in the Bible that she found for her. After reading these verses, Lisa started to understand better who she is.

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