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A New Life

3. Back to What?


For the plane ride home, Grandpa had reserved seats together like he did coming to Scotland, but there wasn’t near as much excitement. After all, they knew what they were going to see when they got back home. Well, at least they thought they did.


The flight going home was just about the same amount of time. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis decided they wanted to sleep, again. Grandpa and the kids didn’t talk very much.




When the Lewis family finally got back to their house and started unpacking their things, it wasn’t surprising that there was very little excitement. After all, how could anything at their house, or in their neighborhood, or at their school, compare to going on a trip to Scotland and seeing a castle?


Just before he went to sleep, Larry laid in his bed with the light on and looked at the picture of Daniel in the lions den. He did this almost every single night for the last year, but this evening it seemed to be a little bit different.


Larry prayed, “Lord, Jesus, thank you for the wonderful trip. Thank you for all of the fun times we had. Thank you for giving me a dream before we went, so that I would know that it was time to be extra careful. Something unusual happened when I grabbed Lisa’s arm and pulled her back. I … I don’t know what else to say. Maybe I’ll think of something tomorrow. Thank you for my wonderful family. But most importantly, thank you for the love that you have for us.”

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