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A New Life

2. There Is More


All that day, Lisa kept looking over at Larry and wondering why God had allowed them to be brother and sister - and also twins.


When they first arrived at the castle, they drove past a pasture where there were horses grazing. Lisa still remembered wondering if she would be able to ride on the white horse. It didn’t have to be the white horse, but that one was the most beautiful to her. Lisa wondered what that meant to think that the white horse was the most beautiful, and the most desirable for her to ride. Was that selfish, or just something that God had put in her heart – a desire, that perhaps God wanted to meet for her.


Grandpa told the family that there were several activities planned at the castle while they were there. He thought that Larry might really enjoy the car show. They were going to have a lot of very interesting cars there - some new, some old, some very unique.


Scheduled for the last day that they would be there was something like a horse race. Well, they would see it as a horse race. It was more like a horse show. In the meantime, Grandpa had asked the hostess at the castle if it were possible for the children to ride any of the horses that were at the castle. The hostess said that she would try to see if she could arrange that.


One of the things that Grandpa promised he would do, if possible, was to drive over to where the old castle site was. He remembered enjoying doing that when he was here with his wife. He wasn’t sure whether the kids would enjoy that, or Mr. and Mrs. Lewis.


Another interesting adventure was to drive to the city of Edinburgh. It wasn’t a long distance, but he wasn’t sure how antsy the kids would get riding there. He talked to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis about it, and they decided it was a good idea to try it. There were a lot of really interesting things in Edinburgh, including, an old castle actually in the city.


Another fun activity that they planned was to just walk around the little town outside of the castle. This was specifically for Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, but he thought the kids might find something interesting.


On the day that they walked through the town, they stopped at an interesting box on the street.


Larry said, “Come on, Grandpa. Do they really need to have a box sitting out here in the middle of this teeny tiny town just to call the police? What could possibly go wrong in this town? And if something did, all you have to do is just call out at the top of your voice. If there was police anywhere near, they would show up.“


Grandpa responded, “This is an example of something that used to be very needed, but they decided to leave it here just for fun.”


Lisa said, “I think it looks cute. Can we go inside and make a phone call?“


Grandpa said, “I am not sure, but we probably shouldn’t try. We don’t have an emergency. And we don’t want to bring the police here unnecessarily.“


Mr. Lewis said, “That’s wise, Grandpa.”


Mrs. Lewis said to her husband, “Dear, I still like this cute little town. Keep it in the back of your mind. Maybe God wants to bless us in some way.”


Lisa said, “I knew it! I’m gonna keep thinking about it as well with Mom. Maybe we should even pray and ask God for it.“


Mr. Lewis didn’t want to miss an opportunity to share something about God with his children.


Mr. Lewis said, “God loves all his children. Sometimes he puts desires in their heart that may not happen for quite some time, but do not think that the desire is beyond the ability for God to meet. We must ask God what His plan is for us, and how this desire would fit into it.”


Grandpa said, “Nice way of putting it. I often have desires in my heart that I believe God is putting there, but I’m not quite sure why they’re there. I don’t ignore them, but I ask the Lord to clarify them for me.”


Larry said, “Wow! God really is a lot more complex than I thought. But it sounds like it’s fun to get to know Him.“


Lisa was unexpectedly quiet again. No one but Mrs. Lewis seemed to notice. She looked over at her daughter to see if she was OK. Mrs. Lewis thought she saw a few little tears coming down Lisa’s cheek.


Mrs. Lewis said to Lisa, “Are you OK, Lisa? Are you enjoying this little walk?“


Lisa responded, “Yes, Mom. I am having a wonderful time on this trip. It just seems that there’s more going on in my heart. I’m not quite sure why God decided to do this right now, but I’m sure I will find out soon.“


Mr. and Mrs. Lewis we’re starting to see that Lisa really was a different person than they knew her to be before they started this trip. It wasn’t a bad thing, just unexpectedly different.


The hostess came through for the Lewis family with regards to riding the horses. When the time came, Lisa seemed to be the most excited.


Lisa said, “I know Larry was kind of joking around when he said that this horse was for Jesus. But I think there’s more to it than just a joke.”


Lisa was being led around on the beautiful white horse. Larry was on another one that was a dark brown color.


After the kids got off of the horses, and they were walking back to the castle, Lisa said, “This may sound very strange to you, but I felt like there was something very special about the horse I rode. Or maybe it was just Jesus saying something to me when I was on the horse. It was like Jesus was saying to me, ‘My Father has given this all to me, and I want you to enjoy it, too.‘ “


Mr. Lewis said, “Lisa, that is clearly a beautiful thought from the Lord. Please hold onto that. It is the heart of God to share good things with His children, all of His children.”


To everyone, especially the kids, the vacation wasn’t lasting as long as they hoped it would. But they knew at some point they would need to go back home. Everything they did was very exciting. They weren’t really surprised because Grandpa planned the whole trip.

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